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they could have been developing the farmlands they owned.  Other Poot
                  bouwmen were leasing land out to tenant farmers.  These facts suggest
                  that a "bouwman" is a landowner who has some involvement in farming or
                  land development.

                  Several revisions were made relating to the geography and place names
                  used in the Netherlands.  Place names were not well standardized in the
                  Netherlands, and most locations have two or three different names.  It is
                  no surprise that some place names have become obsolete over the past
                  century.  The hierarchy of provinces and municipalities is not as clear as
                  one might hope.  The borders of these have undergone a number of
                  changes over the years.  Currently, many communities are merging
                  together.  These issues were a source of confusion and served as
                  impediments to my research.  I am comforted by the knowledge that
                  people who live in the Netherlands complain that the situation is
                  confusing at times.  A Dutch "Provincie" or province is like a state in the
                  U.S..  A municipality or district is similar to a county in America.  A
                  "Gemeente" or community can be like an American municipality, township
                  or city.

                  Any additional information, such as stories, additions to the family tree, or
                  old photographs that can be copied are desired.  There are undoubtedly
                  mistakes and omissions that family members can help correct.  There are
                  some details that are still indeterminate and some that are the subject of
                  disagreement.  None the less, I think the soundness of the whole will
                  withstand the flaws that occur in some parts.

                  I hope you can enjoy this work in progress, and please contribute to help
                  make it better!
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